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⁣Khao Soi – a creamy spicy coconut broth with chewy noodles. ⁣ Happy Saturday, f…

⁣Khao Soi – a creamy spicy coconut broth with chewy noodles.😋

Happy Saturday, friends 🤗 Sharing one of the top 10 dishes to try if you visit Chiangmai, Thailand – Khao Soi. Using a homemade red chili paste, this creamy coconut broth is flavorful and slurpilicious. ⁣

Recipe (serves 2-3)⁣
~ Yellow noodles, 2-3 servings, see package instructions⁣
~ 200ml (about 1 cup) coconut milk, more for a creamier version⁣
~ 4-6 cups kitchen stock, 3 tablespoons vegan ‘fish’ sauce (check my highlights for recipe), 2 tablespoons homemade chili paste, pinch of organic brown sugar (optional)⁣
~ salt to taste⁣

🍃Chili paste ingredients (yields ~ 1 cup) – blend together 1lb fresh deseeded red jalapeño, 1/2 cup dried chili (soaked in hot water until soft, seeds removed), 5-6 shallots, 4 cloves garlic, 4 slices ginger, 4 slices galangal with oil. I added enough oil to keep the blender going.⁣
~ sugar, salt – adjust accordingly⁣
✔️In a heated pan with 3-4 tablespoon oil, pour in blended chili, and cook until chili turn dark red & aromatic. Once you see the oil starts to separate from chili, it’s done. Season with salt, sugar & stir until sugar dissolves. The amount of sugar needed is based on how spicy you want your paste to be, start with 1 tablespoon and add gradually. Store excess in a jar and refrigerate or freeze (good for stir fries or curry)⁣
⁣🍃Garnish suggestions: Preserved/pickled mustard greens (got them at Asian market), lightly seasoned pan fried tofu, fried wonton strips, fresh mung beansprouts, red onion slices, fried shallots⁣
⁣✔️Curry how to: In a heated pan, add 2 tablespoons chili paste & kitchen stock. Let boil and turn heat to low, add ‘fish’ sauce & coconut milk while simmering. Season with salt & sugar (if using). Serve with yellow noodles and garnishes, slurp away⁣

Have a great weekend, everyone!!⁣
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