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⁣Kake udon noodles bowl⁣ (Kitsune udon when seasoned beancurd is added) ⁣ Happy …


⁣Kake udon noodles bowl⁣? (Kitsune udon when seasoned beancurd is added)

Happy Hump day, friends?. Kake udon, one of my kids all time favorite slurpy noodles dish. It’s the simplest form to enjoy udon in a clear dashi broth. Yes, you can make your own stock without adding the bonito – ‘fish’ flakes.?Do you slurp your noodles?⁣?

Recipe (serves 4)⁣
~ 4 pieces of udon noodles cake (used frozen udon) – cook based on package instructions⁣
~ Seasoned beancurd ‘inari’⁣
~ dried seaweed, soaked until soft⁣
~ Shichimi Togarashi ‘Japanese 7 color peppers’⁣
~ chopped scallions⁣
~ mirin, light soy sauce⁣
?Dashi ingredients:⁣
~ 2 oz dried kombu, cleaned with lightly damp paper towel⁣
~ 8-10 caps shiitake mushrooms⁣
~ 6-8 cups of water⁣
⁣✔️Place all dashi ingredients in a pot, turn on heat. Turn off heat as soon as stock comes to boil, and sieve stock into another pot. *Please be sure not to let soup come to boiling as kombu will start to get slimy and it will alter the taste of the soup.⁣
✔️Then, season with 2 teaspoons mirin and add light soy sauce to your preference. I prefer mine less sweet and a little saltier. Add soften seaweed and turn on heat to keep soup warm.⁣
✔️Cook noodles based in package instructions. Ladle soup over noodles and serve with seasoned beancurd, scallions, and topped with few dashes of Shichimi togarashi. Also made some boiled edamame beans and blanched greens to go with it.

Hope you like this simple noodle soup dish. Have a lovely day.⁣?
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