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⁣Gyoza with cabbage & edamame fillings – who wants to share with me?⁣ Happy Mond…

⁣Gyoza with cabbage & edamame fillings – who wants to share with me?⁣
Happy Mond…


⁣Gyoza with cabbage & edamame fillings – who wants to share with me?⁣?
Happy Monday, friends?, hope you had a great weekend. Gyoza – usually smaller than dumpling, it’s pan fried & serve with dipping sauce. I did a comparison on both gyoza and dumpling wrapper side by side at the store. Gyoza wrapper is a little thinner & a tad smaller.?

~ 1 package gyoza wrapper (used Myojo brand)⁣
~ 3-4 cups chopped cabbage⁣
~ Finely diced: 1 small carrot, 1 cup boiled edamame beans, 1/2 cup dry roasted walnut⁣
~ 1/4 cup chopped scallions, 2 tablespoons tapioca/corn starch, 1 tablespoon grated ginger⁣
~ sesame oil, soy sauce, oil and salt to taste, hot water⁣
⁣✔️In a heated non-stick pan with 2 teaspoons oil, sauté cabbage for 2 minutes until fully cook through & season with 2 teaspoons of soy sauce. Drain all excess liquid, if any. Place sautéd cabbage, carrot, edamame, walnut, ginger in a big bowl. Mix well & season with 1/2 teaspoons salt, & few drizzle of sesame oil. Taste test, then fold in the starch.⁣
As usual, set up the wrapping station. ➡️?? for pleating or IGTV for slower pace?
✔️In a heated non-stick pan (12 inch) with 1 teaspoon oil, place gyoza, flat side down & pan fry for 1 minute. Check to see the bottom is browned, then, slowly pour in 3/4 cup of hot water. Cover lid, turn heat to low-med & simmer until all water is absorbed, a brownish lacey layer will form as well. Turn off heat & let gyoza sit in the pan for few seconds before serving.⁣
⁣?Sauce: Mix together 3 tablespoons of dumpling sauce, 2 tablespoons hot water until well combined. ⁣
• Few tips to wrap dumplings to prevent brea, just from my experience: ✨Let wrapper comes to room temperature
✨When pleating on one, cover the rest with slightly damp paper towel⁣
✨Filling ingredients should not be too saucy
✨Remove as much air pockets as possible when wrapping (most important)⁣ & seal all openings properly by pressing wrapper firmly
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