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⁣Cozy savory congee/rice porridge/’Juk’/’粥’/Bubur – who wants to share with me?⁣…


⁣Cozy savory congee/rice porridge/’Juk’/’粥’/Bubur – who wants to share with me?⁣?
⁣Happy Monday?, hope you had a great weekend. Sharing a comforting bowl that makes my tummy happy when I crave for something simple.? Often served during breakfast, this is perfect for any meal actually. The congee itself is bland (unless sweet potatoes are added) & flavors come from the variety of toppings. Have you had congee before? FYI: It’s best to use higher starch grains for congee. ⁣

Recipe (serves 3-4)⁣
~ 3/4 cup of Jasmine rice, 3+ cups of water⁣
✔️Wash rice until water turns clear. Place rice in a big pot, add 3 cups of water, turn on heat, cover lid & let boil. Clear lid is best. Then, turn heat to low & let simmer. If it’s start to look like rice, add another cup of hot water. Some like to start stirring while cooking congee to get a more broken rice look.
**Note: Once you start stirring, you will have to keep going until your congee is ready or rice will stick to the bottom of your pot?
?Toppings 1: 1 cup of fresh ?, 1 shallot – sliced, shallots with little oil, salt⁣
In a heated pan, sauté shallots until fragrant, add ? & cook for few minutes. Season with salt & a little shallots oil⁣
?Toppings 2: Same ‘anchovies’ recipe, a few posts back with an added step.⁣
✔️In a heated pan, add 1/2 teaspoon sugar & 3 tablespoons water, let sugar simmer until thickens. Stir in fried yuba skin & coat well. Then sprinkle with sesame seeds immediately.⁣
?Toppings 3: Store bought Asian bread sticks/Chinese cruller – lightly toasted
?Toppings 4: Toasted peanuts⁣

Serve rice porridge/congee warm with toppings & garnish with scallions, white pepper (best) & drizzle of sesame oil (or soy sauce). Hope you enjoy this simple meal & have a great ?Monday.⁣
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