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ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ Just feel like something uncomplicated, that goes fast but defiantly …


ᴡᴇʀʙᴜɴɢ Just feel like something uncomplicated, that goes fast but is still delicious? Try this simple vegan chocolate cake!
Basic vegan chocolate cake – everyone can make
There are always the prejudices that vegan cakes do not taste as good as others. However, you really do not need to be afraid of that!
Sometimes I see a recipe on Pinterest and I think, “Oh, how great that looks, I have to bake!” Then I realize that I lack 4 ingredients and 2 of which I do not know ??♀️ Exactly for that reason, thought me, I'll show you a really simple “normal” chocolate cake.
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I wish you a nice Whitsun weekend you love ?
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160 g of flour or spelled flour
1 teaspoon soda @hartkorn_gewuerze
40 g baking cocoa
200 g of Xucker
3 tablespoons chocolate – Schock @hartkorn_gewuerze
1 packet of vanilla sugar
1 pinch (s) of salt
80 ml of sunflower oil
200 ml soy drink
100 g vegan bittersweet chocolate
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Mix flour, baking soda and cocoa and chocolate shock. Add Xucker, vanilla sugar and salt and mix well. Finally, add the oil and the soy drink and mix everything to a smooth dough.
Finely chop the chocolate and mix under the dough.
Put everything in a greased dish and bake in a preheated oven at 175 ° C for 35-40 minutes (chopstick test).
Allow finished cake to cool, remove from the mold and dust with powdered sugar and serve berries.
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